Seattle Indies General Event Volunteers

Interested in helping out as a general volunteer for various Seattle Indies events and showcases? Subscribe to get contacted whenever we need an extra hand (or three) for our events! Responsibilities can include:
  • General labor (setting up tables and electronics/stations, & packing away/breaking down)
  • Overseeing and ensuring equipment is not taken away or stolen
  • Inventorying supplies to make sure they return to their owners at the end of events
  • Greeting players, explaining controls and game concepts, playing or resetting demos
  • Helping other exhibitors with bathroom breaks, grabbing food, etc.
  • Talking up Seattle Indies like we're the coolest thing in town
Shifts can range from 4-8 hours, although we'll never ask volunteers to give more time than they actually can. We'll also never require volunteers to purchase their own tickets or badges to events - those will always be provided gratis. However, we unfortunately can rarely promise comped parking (unless already free with the event), but we will try to provide free lunch/pizza for our awesome volunteers!
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